How to identify the right chauffeur service to suit your business needs

Travelling for business can be a stressful experience. Public transport can delay you for meetings, leaving a bad impression on potential or current clients. Not only can delays cause problems, but with the background noise and lack of privacy on public transport, making confidential phone calls and working on important projects is impossible.

Kenway Executive Cars provide a range of business travel chauffeur services. Our specialist drivers take every care that clients arrive at their destination on time and in absolute comfort.

Whether you’re in need of transport to and from the airport, for commuting or to a conference, you’ll need to identify the key services to suit your business needs.

Airport Transfer
How you get to and from the airport can make a huge difference to your business journey. Getting to a destination on time is key, but so is the comfort of travel after a flight, whether it’s short or long haul.

Our well-respected and professional drivers will collect you in plenty of time and will safely get you to the airport via the most efficient route. If you’re returning from a trip, our drivers will meet you in the arrival hall and ensure the final leg of your journey is relaxing.

Corporate Travel
Quiet, comfort and space are key when travelling to and from a business destination. Senior executives will want to conduct their business while on the move and feel CALM and fully prepared when arriving at the meeting place or event. Our fleet of cars come with plenty of space for you to work, either with your phone or laptop and in a relaxed environment.

Conferences and Events
Organising conferences and events are a difficult task, but managing an event and having the additional worry of transporting delegates, guests and speakers between their arrival point, venue and hotel accommodation should be for a reliable chauffeur service. As well as a professional service, the right executive travel should be able to cater for multiple arrivals and departures on the same day and know best routes and hotels in town.

At Kenway Cars, our professional touch is always well-received by those we drive. We believe in putting the needs of our clients at the heart of all we do, whether they’re looking for airport transfer or a driver for a special occasion, our knowledgable and professional team will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy.

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